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Call for Submissions to the Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore

Call for Articles & Reviews:
Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore

Issue 5 coming on 30. June 2007.
Issue 6 coming on 31. January 2007.

Contributions in the areas of Germanic mythology and folklore
(all approaches welcomed).
The Journal of Germanic Mythology and Folklore hopes to stimulate interest
and bring to light new scholarship as well as
to dispel misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

With the first issue appearing January 2004,
this new free web-based journal
is designed as a forum to share new
scholarship on topics relating to Germanic (sometimes referred to as Norse or Teutonic) mythology and folklore (ancient, medieval and modern).

Submissions are accepted from professional scholars, graduate students
and community (non-academic) scholars.
All authors of accepted articles receive
two free printed copies of the issue
in which their article was printed.

Contributions for the next issue are accepted
now through 31. December 2007.
Please see our web site for more information.